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A Diversion

Normally, this blog will deal with the process we went through to get our son a college basketball position. Part of this is finding amazing deals on basketball shoes, shorts, socks, compression sleeves, and any number of items your hooper needs.

Today is the start of Prime Day at Amazon. If you have not gotten a Prime membership yet, I highly recommend you do so, as the ongoing expenses of supplies for your athlete will add up over time.

There are some good brands of shoes on sale today at the site, and I have attached a link for some of them - no, they are not the latest Nike shoe, but trust me, your son or daughter will wear out or outgrow their practice shoes rapidly, so I recommend cheaper brands for practices and then the fancier styles for actual games.

I also attached two links for compression items and some basketballs, as there never seem to be enough of these around the house.

Click here for shoes:

Click here for compression items:

Click here for basketballs:

Click here for Nike basketball socks:

You will soon realize that any savings you can squeeze out will definitely help along the way. Enjoy your day and we will back to our normal discussions this week.

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