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In a recent poll of college coaches, 35% of them ranked character over skills and athleticism. How does that pertain to you and your hooper? Basically, their ability (and yours) to keep a good attitude while listening to honest feedback and applying that feedback will improve their athletic development.

Realize that no player is perfect, and that there is always room to grow. If your coach is giving you feedback or criticism, it is intended to help your playing skills - once you react negatively to this, they will not be able to help you improve as an athlete. Here are a few tips to get you started:

-- Check ego at the door

-- Look coach in the eye when talking

-- Be open minded and humble when receiving feedback

-- Implement the coach feedback

--Thank your coach for the feedback

If you take criticism personally, become defensive when receiving feedback, and fail to apply what you have been tought, you are considered uncoachable.

At tournaments and games where college coaches appear to scout for talent, they look for an athlete's attitude on the court, your attitude when your coach pulls you out of the game, how you support your teammates, if you pay attention to the game when you are on the sidelines, and if you are having fun or complaining during the game.

Parents, set the example for your athlete - do not criticize the coach's instructions or advice. Explain to your hooper the value of feedback and how to utilize it to better their game. If you are complaining about the coaching staff, your athlete will copy you. Please trust the coach and remember they have your child's best interesrs in mind. Remember, criticism is not to be taken personally, but to be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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