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Finding a Coach That Is A Good Fit

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

While your athlete's high school coach is a good start, at some point in the recruiting process you will need to connect with an AAU or athletic league coach or a private trainer/coach who can help your hooper become more proficient with their basketball skills. In addition, many of them have contacts within the college coaching world and can advise you on what steps they feel would work the best for a slot on the university team.

Before I go further, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having the conversation with the high school coach concerning a college career - keep in mind, most of them are overscheduled and overwhelmed and frequently have to manage more than one sport, so they may not have as much individual time to focus on one athlete. DO talk to them as soon as you arrive at the school and have a conversation as to your athlete's future goals - the coach will most likely offer some wisdom on how to proceed or what to beware of, based on their experiences of the past.

AAU or sports league coaches usually have more visitors to games (a standard part of the college recruiting process), so definitely make sure you ask for 20-30 minutes of their time to discuss your college basketball goals. ASK for an honest criticism of where your athlete currently is in terms of recruitability - do not be upset if they give criticisms of your child. Be open and honest and find out where they need to improve, skills they need to develop, and even then, do they feel that, with time and practice, your athlete can perform at the college level. Before you invest a lot of time and money, get an honest assessment. A good coach will give you both positive and negative feedback, so make sure you pay attention to both and do not get defensive. Bottom line is the coach wants your hooper to improve, as it helps the team as a whole.

A costlier, but in my opinion, well worth the dollars, is a basketball trainer. Usually you can purchase a few introductory sessions to see if this particular coach gels well with your son or daughter. If so, the trainer can give one on one or highly personalized coaching and really pinpoint the trouble spots that need to be worked on. Most trainers also have a large network of contacts at least in your local region, and can arrange campus tours, or introductions for your athlete.

A few thought for you to consider:

No coach wants a player who doesn't work hard and try their best. There is no room for drama, moodiness, or bad attitude. Do not expect a referral if you or your child badmouths a coach or argues with their guidance - keep that all to yourself.

Observe your hooper while working with their coach - are they able to follow what the trainer is telling them to do? Are their personalities working well together? Is your athlete really pushing themselves during their sessions with their coach? If your child is eager to go to practice sessions and always wanted to go early, stay late, you have a good fit. Does the coach share your goals, or have they helped you and your hooper make realistic ones for the future? That's a sign of a great coach.

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