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Game Film and Self-Evaluation

One of the easiest ways to improve playing skills is to use your phone or iPad to film shooting, skills drills, or playing in a game. Cameras do not lie - no matter what you think you look like, mistakes being made will show up, and this is an amazing opportunity for improvement. Studying basketball film will increase their basketball IQ, and speed up development as a basketball player. Here are some tips to help you goet the most out of studying your films/videos.

There are 5 steps to watching basketball film:

1) Be critical about your performance

2) Praise yourself when you do well, and keep note of what was working for the next time you play

3) Identify what you could have done better and what you did well on each play

4) Identify what skills you need to work on

5) Identify the skills you do well, and what you can do to improve them even more.

Different types of films to watch:

1) Player highlights - watch videos of players that are known for the skills you are trying learn and develop - pay close attention to how the different players execute these skills, and try to incorporate this into your own style of play. Ask your coach or trainer how you can develop these skills further, as well as analyzing your own films to see how well you are progressing.

2) Full game films - these not only help you to identify skills you want to master, but they also increase your overall basketball knowledge. You can study play execution, skill development, mistakes to avoid, and defensive strategies. If there are teams you particularly want to learn from, study their team roster and identify what specific aspects you want to learn about and focus on those items first.

3) Your team film - this is a great way to watch mistakes made, and how to fix them fairly quickly. You can also see what skills you are struggling with, and also see what your team as a whole can do to work together more cohesively. This is a great opportunity for team players and the coach to evaluate what works, what doesn't, and what to do as a team to move forward (this is not a time to point fingers or blame someone for losing the game - one player does not make the win!)

Be patient, and consistent, and develop a regular habit of studying film - once you get to college, this is an important part of your participation on your team, so learn how to effectively use this media before you get there!

Happy Hooping!

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