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Getting the College Hooper Ready

Summer is flying by, and your basketball player should have already begun (if they have not been doing during their break) practicing their basketball skills, weight training, and endurance training for the upcoming season. While probably not as intense as what the coaches will proffer once the practice season starts, some form of condition is something I highly recommend in order to reduce muscle strain and injury as the basketball season approaches.

This is also time to start shopping for dorm or apartment essentials, so here's a general list with an Amazon link to get you started.

☐Mattress pad (36x80)

☐Pillow and pillow cases

☐Twin XL sheets

☐Comforter/Duvet cover


☐Microwave “dorm size”

☐Refrigerator “dorm size”

☐Trash can and trash can liners

☐Towels and washcloths

☐Shower shoes/flip flops

☐Shower caddy


☐Dental care items

☐Shaving accessories

☐Hair care products and appliances

☐Makeup and/or beauty items

☐Cleaning supplies

☐Prescription medication

☐Toilet paper

☐Backpack or school bag

☐Writing supplies and highlighters

☐Notebooks, binders,

☐printer paper and filler paper

☐Tape, stapler and extra staples


☐ATM card/credit cards


☐Social Security Card

☐Driver’s License


☐Dryer sheets/fabric softener

☐Laundry bag/basket

☐Alarm clock

☐Computer/laptop and charger

☐Cellphone and cellphone charger

☐Gaming system

☐Power strip(s) with surge protector

☐Printer and ink cartridges

☐TV and remote

☐Plastic utensils

☐Plastic dishes, small bottle of dish soap

☐ Food storage containers

☐Umbrella, rain gear

☐Sports equipment


☐Can opener


☐Hand sanitizer (at least 60 percent alcohol)

☐Hand soap

☐Clorox wipes for common surfaces

☐Cleaning supplies for bathrooms, sinks, and other surfaces in your living environment

Obviously, you may not need all of these items, but the colleges usually provide an extensive list to cover all areas.

For our hoopers, I also suggest this:

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