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More Diversion, Plus a Starter Search

Having invested thousands of dollars over the years in gear, shoes, and travel, anytime I find significant savings on another website, I will be sure to mention it here in the blog. I did a deeper dig on Amazon last night and found some more items from Prime Day that may help your hooper. I will post the links at the bottom of this post, but you can also find my Instagram account with the direct links (@collegehoopermom)

Basketball shoes:

Air Pods (so your child can ignore you while practicing!):

Adidas gear is a more general link:

If you cannot find exactly what you want, select gift cards are 20% off today, so plan your gift-giving well in advance without having to store large boxes.

General shopping link is:

NOW, back to the blog - where is your basketball player in terms of playing experience? Are they just starting out and trying out basketball for the first time?

If that is the case, talk to your child's PE teacher or coach at school - they will know of local teams, neighborhood leagues and AAU groups in your area, and will have a feel for which ones may fit best at the beginner stage of the game. There is no need to stick your advanced beginner on a team where the kids have been playing together for several years and have a significantly higher level of experience. Your child may bte new, and very good, but they might be discouraged by lack of playing time, which in turn improves their skills.

If your player has a year or two of experience, you probably have chatted with other parents or the coach/athletic director, and heard of various local leagues, county leagues or organized groups who will play tournaments sometimes year round. Take the time to really ask these people what are they see as the strong and weak points of the organization they are involved with, and ask for a phone or email contact for the group. For whatever reason, even when doing a Google search, or going to the orgnization website, the basic team information and schedule cannot be found.

If you happen to come upon a group of kids playing basketball where parents are present, get out of your comfort zone and ask them what organization their child plays with. Most people are happy to share, so we also asked at church and asked coworkers.

Following these simple steps will get you started. Next post will discuss pros and cons of different leagues and organizations, as we experienced them (so this is an entirely subjective summary).

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