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Starting A New Family Adventure

Achieving a spot on a college basketball team requires a combination of athletic skills, dedication, and a strategic approach. While there is no clearly defined recipe for achieving this, I am sharing what worked for us in hopes some of this will help your baller as well. A few thoughts for the WHOLE family, as your player will most likely not be of driving age when this journey starts, and this is a team effort, especially at first.

COMMIT to this process. Will practices, tournaments, games and other events be inconvenient and require prioritizing of the family schedule? YES. Will it be easy to make everything happen? NO - that's what makes for a memorable adventure for all involved!

SET GOALS: Have your player set specific and achievable goals for themselves. Identify the areas that need to improve and work towards them. Setting goals will provide you with a sense of direction and motivation. Parents (or guardians), be sure that these goals are the PLAYER's goals, not yours - everyone wants an NBA star in the future, but that may not be what your player wants for their future. And if the goal is not a shared one, the motivation level is much lower.

RESEARCH: Look for opportunities for your son or daughter to join a basketball team, either at school, or in a local league. In addition to improving their basketball skills, they will learn rudiments of teamwork, how to work with a coach, and gain valuable game experience.

ACADEMICS: Develop good study and homework skills early in the process. College basketball programs emphasize the importance of academics, so make sure you maintain good grades throughout high school to meet the eligibility requirements for college sports. Do not wait until high school to work on study habits - start as soon as possible or your exhausted child will be doing homework on the way back from a weekend tournament!

DEVELOP: Focus on improving basketball fundamentals such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Players need to work on their strengths while also addressing areas for improvement. Regular practice and training sessions are crucial to enhance your skills. Just practicing with your team is not enough - go the extra step and practice whenever free time is available. Parents, this may mean you miss some TV time to go shoot hoops intead.

Remember, the path to a college basketball position requires perseverance, hard work, and dedication. I'll be addressing more issues/debates we encountered in the next few posts.

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